Low bridge ahead

17th January 2012, 12:59
Someone just sent me this link. Who said seamanship was dead?

Apologies if it as been posted before.

Malky Glaister
17th January 2012, 13:55
Get the feeling that they had done that before!!

Regards Malky

Gareth Jones
17th January 2012, 13:59
Delightful !

17th January 2012, 14:31

17th January 2012, 15:02
It is always nice to see a good job well done!

17th January 2012, 17:05
Pure magic! I wish I owned her, now that would nice.

matthew flinders
17th January 2012, 18:31
New definition of lateral thinking!

18th January 2012, 00:21
Brilliant, that skipper certainly had balls in more ways than one!


18th January 2012, 02:27
Wonderful boat handling, beautiful yacht.

Reminds me of the not so good time when well known NZ yachtsman and colourful character,Tom Clark sailed his yacht "Buccaneer," a 73 footer and then the world's biggest plywood yacht, into Kawau Island's Bob Accord harbour and forgot the overhead power lines spanning the harbour entrance.
There were more sparks than Guy Fawkes night.


he world

18th January 2012, 23:45
Since when did you assume ownership of Bon Accord Harbour Bob??


19th January 2012, 15:42
Glad everyone enjoyed the clip. We have just hinged the radar arch for the low bridges on the Trent. A friend suggested this may have been a cheaper option.

doug rowland
10th February 2012, 22:18
Darn clever thinking, by a real sailorman. Great to see!

11th February 2012, 00:19
Ive seen a coaster doing this on the River Weaver near to Frodsham, it had gone through Sutton Wearver swing bridge and found that it couldnt get under the railway bridge, the captain and crew rigged old drums on the boom and filled them with water then swung them over the side, thus tilting the vessel enough to just scrape under the bridge.