mystery dog owners

17th January 2012, 23:05
heard on the grapevine that one of the (many) companys that will be involved in the construction of the bridge,are an irish company who own a dog class tug.any ideas which one and the name o the company? another company has already removed the wee beamer lighthouse from beamer rock so im assuming thats where one of the legs of the new bridge will be.any info welcome.ta.roo.

26th January 2012, 15:27
Hi Roo,

According to the Northern Lighthouse Board magazine, Christmas 2011, the Beamer Rock L/H has been removed "to facilitate the construction of the central tower of the new crossing" whatever that might mean! Apparently there's going to be three towers.

Don't know anything about an Irish company and a dog class.


senior pilot
26th January 2012, 20:57
i have just read that a fair amount of the work has gone to many overseas company's the chinese seem to be building the deck sections and a irish company have been mentioned

1st February 2012, 20:38
heard a german company being mentioned as well the other day.seen beamer rock at the weekend.they seem to be extending it outwards.also heard that the wee lighthouse was dismantled brick-by brick , and will be re-assembled (SOMEWHERE) ? seems a bit weird.hi mike and senior pilot.

senior pilot
1st February 2012, 20:58
i think i read that port edgar was wanting to have it

1st February 2012, 21:49
ah ! its not moving far then.cant say i liked the look of the artists impression of the new bridge that i seen the other day.hope they build it high enough for the new carriers to get