21st January 2012, 16:55
Any info on the cargo vessel which foundered on the coast of guernsey around January or February 1975/76 .The Prosperity was lost with all hands including the masters family I believe .I walked out to the wreck some months later ,all was left was the engine block.

n. liddell (sparks)
22nd January 2012, 11:17
hi Norman - Couple of pictures of a vessel named Prosperity (2 different vessels - hope one of them is the one in question) on Hope the one you are looking for is there

18th April 2012, 19:58
I'm pretty sure this is the one

I last walked out to the site in about 2000. Quie a few bits of plating left then as well as a ventilator and of course the engine block

The anchor chains lead off the rocks.

A very eerie, spooky place.

19th April 2012, 11:50
Vessel ran aground 17 Jan, 1974.
Some details and photo of her at

21st April 2012, 17:28
The ship, broken in two was a ghastly site on the reef and behind it was the grounded bulk carrier Elwood Mead which had run aground on Christmas morning 1973

The shoreline, littered with wooden planks, was an unforgettable scene

A few days later I found a cardigan with a wallet in the pocket from one of the crew.