Alan Rawlinson
31st January 2012, 16:13
Just stumbled upon a great site which has lots of Bankline stuff, including a list of 80 ships and their fate ( not those that made it to the breakers yard, though). It's a fascinating site which I recommend to anyone interested.

The best way to access it, is to Google ' wrecksite/bankline ' and it is the top entry.

There are a few blanks that need filling in by shipping ' buffs '


1st February 2012, 08:18
Well found Alan, I'll have a good look later(moving house etc.).......pete

Alan Rawlinson
3rd February 2012, 10:44
Browsing through the wrecksite mentioned, and looking through the 80 Bankline wrecks listed, I came across the sailing ship ( barque) Fernbank which was wrecked on the same island in 1902, Juan de Nova, where the Westbank grounded in 1952. The Fernbank was from Cardiff (coal?) for Mozambique, but she never made it off the beach, unlike the Westbank 50 years later.

Am I a shipping anorak, or what!

12th February 2012, 23:06
Is there anyone around who was on the beaverbank when she hit a ree in the solomons in the 60s.

I have just been contacted by a chap who was in guadacanal at the time and remembers the incident.