Clan Matheson

7th July 2004, 13:30
One of 3 built by Greenock Dockyard for Clan Line/s Australia service.MATHESON was completed in 1957 and I took this in September 1977 in the Thames Estuary off Southend as she made her way towards the river for the London docks.

Bob S
28th August 2005, 15:58
Another shot of Clan Line’s CLAN MATHESON seen in London
Built 1957
7553 grt

Tony Crompton
28th August 2005, 16:37
Clan Matheson was one of a class that somehow they managed to "Fiddle" a relatively low nett tonnage for a ship of that size. I remember taking her into Middlesbrough Dock when a relatively Junior Pilot with a lower tonnage licence.

"Good Expeeeerience for you Son" said the old Pilots.!!!! and as they said, if Clan Line only paid peanuts on the tonnage then they could only expect a boy and not a Senior Pilot on their ship.
Tony C