SS Empire Elgar

19th January 2006, 17:45
Any info welcome on this ship that a Heavy Lift on PQ16 and stayed in Archangel, Molotovosk and Murmansk for 18 months unloading convoys, I am trying to get enough info to do a website on my Grandfather Gordon Lilico Clark OBE and on the PQ16. Its listed as MOWT managed by Ropners but its not on their list? so I dont know where it was launched or even have a photo. Thanks to those who have already helped especially Billy. Best regards Gordon Lilico Clark 07752 125 178

Baltic Wal
19th January 2006, 18:52
EMPIRE ELGAR of West Hartlepool
British Dry Cargo
MoWT (Ropner Shipping) from 1942 to 1942
Technical data:
Built by Wm. Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool (Yard No. 1130) April 1942
Engine information:
1 Steam T3Cyl
by Central Marine Engine Works, West Hartlepool Speed 10.0 knots

Original dimensions:
327.90 x 46.50 x 23.00
2,847 Grt 1,695 Net 4,665 Dwt
All dimensions are in Imperial
Completed as EMPIRE ELGAR for Ministry of War Transport (Sir R. Ropner & Co. Ltd., managers.)
1942: Management transferred Dover Navigation Co. Lt., London.
1946: Sold to Dover Navigation Co. Ltd.
1947: Renamed SEA MINSTREL.
1951: Sold to Drayton Steamship Co. Ltd., London; renamed MARANDELLAS.
1956: Sold to Jansens Rederi A/S, Norway Ingar Jansen, manager); renamed EDWARD JANSEN.
1960: Sold to Skibs A/S Karlander, Norway (Egil Paulsen, manager); renamed SLITAN.
1961: Sold to Navigation Maritime Bulgare, Bulgaria; renamed PIRIN.
1965: Sold to Yugoslav shipbreakers Brodospas and arrived Split for breaking up 1.10.1965.

20th January 2006, 10:01
Thats reallygreat, I had some of that info from but the extra details you sent were invaluable many thanks again. The search continues for photos but I can now try and trace the records of the builders... (Applause)