Trying to trace 'St. Kilda'

donald h
9th February 2012, 12:02
Hello all,
I am trying to find some history and general info, maybe even a photo or two, of a British registered timber hulled fishing vessel named St. Kilda. As far as I am aware, her registration number was BRD 213 (or similar) and she was based in or around the Hebrides/Scotland.
She dates back well over 30 years previously and as such will probably have been renamed and/or scrapped.
There are several FVs in the gallery named St. Kilda but they appear to be metal hulled, foreign, or too recent to be the St. Kilda I am interested in. Any information whatsoever would be appreciated.
regards, Donald

9th February 2012, 13:00
Sounds like a Broadford (Skye) registration. Perhaps ex-fishing on contract to the MOD ?

donald h
9th February 2012, 13:04
Could be, eriskay.
Don`t personally know anything about her. I trying to trace her on behalf of a fellow Skye/Harrisman who has an interest in her history.

n. liddell (sparks)
9th February 2012, 13:41
There are 2 pictures of a fishing vessel named "St Kilda" on but they have a different registration number. As you were not totally convinced of your info then they may be worth a look. Good luck

donald h
9th February 2012, 14:29
Thanks, sparks.
I had a look at them, but being metal hulled seems to rule them out too, unfortunately.

9th February 2012, 18:18
Not sure if this is the one, ST.KILDA id 6114169. built 1942 by Hall A. Aberdeen. grt 545. ex 1946 CLAES COMPAEN. 1952 PROFESSOR HENSEN. 1956 DONAR. 1975 SEALION. sold 1980.

9th February 2012, 19:42
Not sure if this is the one, ST.KILDA id 6114169. built 1942 by Hall A. Aberdeen. grt 545. ex 1946 CLAES COMPAEN. 1952 PROFESSOR HENSEN. 1956 DONAR. 1975 SEALION. sold 1980.
According to, that one was steel-hulled, and built as a minesweeper.

donald h
9th February 2012, 20:10
Hi guys,
Thank you for all your help so far.
I was in contact with my Skye/Harrisman friend earlier on today to see whether he could add anything further to assist with the quest.
He is travelling over to Skye tomorrow to visit his father, whom he thinks may be able to supply some more relevant details. When I have them, I will update the thread and take it from there.
In the meantime, if anything comes to light, then don`t hesitate to post it.
Thank you all, once again.

donald h
15th February 2012, 16:05
Info on St Kilda

Length 21 ft or so

Reg no BRD 213

Built around 1910 in Grimsay, Uist for Macleod Estate, for use of St Kilda residents. Can be seen in old photographs of St Kilda drawn up on slip, but was really too heavy to be regularly used by islanders as no moorings were available.

When the island was evacuated (or possibly earlier), she was taken back to Dunvegan and purchased by Mr John Campbell, who added two planks as she was very low in the water.

Sold at some stage, then re-purchased by Mr Campbell who sold it in 1976 to a Donald John Graham from Raasay, who lived in Portree.
He sold it in on in 1981, to Montrose.
At that stage the fisheries museum in Anstruther wanted the boat but as a donation. Donald John was not prepared to donate, so it was sold privately.

6 or 7 years ago a man from Raasay thought he saw the St Kilda being renovated in a garden close to Braemore junction near Ullapool, but that cannot be confirmed. Donald John says he saw an article in the Classic Boat Builder or Wooden Boat Builder (again 6/7 years ago) about the St Kilda being renovated.

That, is the latest and best information I have on the vessel, but any further leads would be most helpful.

regards, Donald