Purbeck in New Zealand

19th January 2006, 23:00

Does anyone know if the Purbeck is still sailing the Cook Strait in New Zealand? Everytime I go past the Wellington Ferry terminal it is sitting in its berth.

Jan Hendrik
20th January 2006, 00:21
I am sure David will tell you all about this vessel, meanwhile there is a write up in the following thread:

main page -- ferries -- arahura,
read the whole story.

Actually if you type :Purbeck in the search engine you will find another site (Stena Challenger) where this vessel is mentioned.


20th January 2006, 09:40
As far as I'm aware, PURBECK has been withdrawn from the trade with the arrival of CHALLENGER.
I was under the impression that she had returned to Europe, but obviously not.