Career advice

11th February 2012, 21:51
Wonder if you could help with some advice please? Is there an upper age limit to join the RFA? I was an LWEM(O) in the RN and have always wanted to go back to sea, my children are now old enough to fend for themselves so the time is right. Since leaving the RN, I have been a service engineer (20 years) but took a few years out to get my plumbing qualifacations but went back to service engineer. Thanks in advance for any advice.

12th February 2012, 05:20
Best bet would be to contact them direct you can get their details with a Google Search

12th February 2012, 07:22
owen35 - in my experience many former members of the Armed Forces are able to put their skills into use and make good careers in the RFA. Not a good time for recruiting at the moment because all parts of the Naval Service are facing redundanccies and ship withdrawals. However I see they are still offering careers information, and I attach the link to what may be an appropriate page for you - and there is a number to ring to talk to an advisor. Good luck !

12th February 2012, 20:28
Cheers for that guys, will give them a ring tomorrow!