Looking for info on Russian Scuttled vessels

Robin Hood France
14th February 2012, 11:13

I am currently looking for information on the following vessels. According to official reports they were all scuttled of the coast of Novaya Zemlya or in the Kara Sea

On this forum I found the following links to:

Cargo boat Nikolai Bauman scuttled in 1964 at Tsivolka bay / Fjord

And to Jose Diaz (steamer) scuttled in 1967 in the Kara Sea

However I have been unable to find any information on the following vessels except for the information below and the radioactive waste that they were dumped with.

Container ship Sayany scuttled in 1972 in the Kara Sea

Cargo boat Nikel scuttled in 1978 Near Kolgoyev Island

TNT-15 Tanker scuttled in 1973 in the Kara Sea

Goryn Tanker scuttled in 1974 in the Kara Sea

Oma Cargo boat (lighter) scuttled in 1975 in the Kara Sea

Cargo boat Kolezhma scuttled in 1976 at Tsivolka bay / Fjord

Barge SB-5 or (Lighter SV-5) scuttled in 1968 at Oga bay / Fjord East Coast of Novaya Zemlya

Barge MNN-231500 scuttled in 1967 at Abrosimov Bay / Fjord

Barge MBSN-378250 scuttled in 1967 at Abrosimov Bay / Fjord

L-3 Cargo boat (lighter) scuttled in 1975 in the Kara Sea

Cargo boat (Lighter) L-8711 scuttled in 1980 at Abrosimov Bay / Fjord

MBSN-801250 scuttled in 1980 in the Kara Sea

Barge (Lighter) N4 scuttled in 1988 at the Techeniye Inlet

Barge-carrying ship lighter N 3 scuttled in 1968 in the Kara Sea

I understand that TNT vessels were specially modified tankers for the transport of liquid and solid radioactive waste two types of tanker fit into this category Vala Class and Ural.

I would appreciate any help that anyone may offer.