17th February 2012, 18:28
I was a passenger on board SS Benloyal in 1972 and sailed from Hong Kong to London. Benloyal became my very special vessel. I became a deck officer afterwords and sailed for nearly five years. Nowadays I'm a Marine & Cargo Surveyor attending worldwide interests. Made good friends on board as William Timothy Heaslip (radio officer) lived in County Kerry, Ireland, Murdy (Engineer) lived in Scotland, among others. Attached a very nice
photo, enjoy.

wully farquhar
19th February 2012, 21:14
Did three trips aboard her 1966/67,one of the fastest ships of her day

20th February 2012, 21:33
I also did three trips aboard her in 1963/64 with Capt McGill in command. He was a well liked Master who was popular with his crew many of whom stayed with him for several voyages.

29th February 2012, 14:59
I response to 'peteratow', I sailed on the Benloyal as a Cadet under Capt McGill from JAN 59 to FEB 60 and again from MAY 60 to SEP 61 and my recollections of life under him would not have made him popular. He was arrogant and a bully. I was on bridge watch at sea when I witnessed him telling off the First Mate. During which he asked the him "Who is the Big Cheese around here, sir".

I was subjected to a 3 morning 'bollocking' for a reasonable comment made to the Chinese Chief Cook that was mistranslated. Oh no, he was not popular with the other Officers and Cadets.

29th February 2012, 21:21
In reply to "Brummiepete", I should have been more specific in the use of the term "crew". I was on deck sailing as OS and then EDH and Capt McGill was popular with the Bosun and deck crew many of whom did do several voyages with him. I agree he tended to treat his officers harshly and left no one in any doubt that he was THE MASTER.

1st March 2012, 18:05
Does anyone know who the Master was in June 1972 ?

2nd March 2012, 20:04
Does anyone know the truth about the so called "Magill you're a b*****d" story. According to legend every night shortly after the 4 to 8 the 2nd Engineer, who knew Magill very well would come up to the bottom of the stairs up to the Capt's deck and shout those words. On one occasion he failed to appear. Shortly afterwards Magill sent one of the cadets down to find out why the 2nd Eng hadn't shown up. A short while later the 2nd Eng appears and shouts "Magill you're a b*****d, sorry I'm late". :sweat:

I had my interview on Benloyal at F Shed West India Dock in 1965 mainly I suspect because it was cheaper then sending me to Edinburgh; I lived in Dover at the time.