17th February 2012, 19:10

Anyone around that has sailed on the Fred Olsens 'Boudicca' friends of mine going on a cruise in July to the Artic Circle and Norwegian coast.
Any info would be helpful.

Iain T(Thumb)

17th February 2012, 19:44
That was the ship where 600 of its passengers on a cruise a couple of years back went down with that novo virus and the ship had to be cleaned for two days, lots about it our paper at the time

17th February 2012, 21:14
Boudicca is a nice little ship. Yes, norovirus is a recurrent problem, not helped (in my view) by very elderly gentlemen not being too particular about hygiene matters. Staff try their best with hand hygiene measures...but same problem on the Queen Victoria last November! That is just 4 years old.

I believe Boudicca was going for refurb in 2009.

If your friends like evening shows, they will find the theatre area hasn't enough capacity and views are restricted.

Booze policy was that you could buy bottles of spirits for consumption in the cabin at an acceptable price. Take your own mixers!!

I'd do another trip, although I prefer the Black Watch

18th February 2012, 19:52
We did a cruise to the Adriatic a couple of years ago on Boudicca. Second time with Fred Olsen. Nice ship, good size however it is geared up for the "older generation". Nothing wrong with that however the norovirus did strike to a good number of passengers including my wife. It did not ruin the holiday but it does affect things especially in the dining rooms where all buffets are cancelled and it becomes a bit of hands up for soup!!!!!! I must say that Olsen seem to gather more adverse news on the virus than most other cruise lines.