Requiem for the old girl....

18th February 2012, 05:36
I sailed on USS Mispillion AO 105 back in the mid '70's. After I left, she did a stint in MSC and was sent to Suisun Bay in 1991.

Just this last December she was sold for scrap. As far as our research goes, she is the very last of the WWII-built tanker/oilers, the very last T3. We do not think there are any others extant in the world. She is certainly the last Navy T3.

In January she was drydocked at Mare Island and prepped for tow. On two days a week apart, I was privileged to go back aboard her. A total of 4 ex-crew boarded her and we were allowed to take souvenirs. It is possible that at Brownsville a few others will be allowed aboard (though this is unconfirmed), but right now I am one of the last 4 of her crew to tread her decks one last time. We left our names on her too. I feel it is a great honor.

She will be at the Panama Canal Feb. 19 and transit a few days later, then on to Brownsville.

I have quite a number of pix, from 1972, January past, and collected from the Net. I hope to post a number of them here. For now, here's a few. And yes, that is a real, fully functional 76 Ball...