Is anyone aware of William Timothy Heaslip ?

19th February 2012, 00:44
Timothy William Heaslip (Ted Heaslip) from County Kerry, Ireland was a good friend of mine but I lost contact. He sailed in SS Benloyal (Ben Line) in 1971-72, MV Miranda and several other ships I'm not aware at the moment. Truly saying I do not recall if his name was Timothy William Heaslip instead but I guess the title is correct. Thanks for your held. Cheers.

29th February 2012, 21:42
Now I recall that Ted's address was: Railway Terrace, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. Tks for your help and interest.

1st March 2012, 04:17
Was mv Miranda the trawler support ship that operated at the Icelandic fishing grounds in the early '70s?

If you put "Miranda" into the search engine of the site, you will find some information about the ship and there may be a contact there.

Was Ted a Radio Officer? I ask that because in those days, ROs were Ireland's biggest export. Nigel Hadley, a former electronics officer on the ship has a website about her at Maybe Nigel could help you. There were several ROs on the ship.

Good luck with your search and welcome to SN.

John T

1st March 2012, 12:54
Could this possibly be the guy you're looking for:-


1st March 2012, 15:04
Dear Brian and John T ,
Thanks so much to both of you. Wow, yes this is MV Miranda ! In regards to Ted Heaslip I presume he is the one in the photo, I'll have to amplify this picture a little bit so that I'm 100% sure. I'll post a photo of Ted this coming weekend (3 or 4th March 2012) so that you can see.
All the best !

23rd March 2012, 02:49
Dear Brian,

Absolutely, the photo on Kerry's Eye is from Ted Heaslip. Attached a photo of Ted in 1973. I tried to contact Kerry's Eye without success.

What the Fug
23rd March 2012, 09:21
Suggest you write to him at the address given on the photos, local postman should know which number

23rd March 2012, 15:10
Hello there What the Fug ! thanks for your idea. I will try as proposed, will send him an e-telegram. I recall number was 1230 Railway Terrace and there is a chance he still lives in this same address. Lets see what happens ! Keeping you posted. Once again, thank you.

15th February 2013, 22:00
I want to thank you all. I finally got hold of Ted in Southern Ireland. He retired from the Coast Guard and is now having a lot of fun I guess. I will visit him this year for sure.