S/S Tai Kin Shan - wrecked 25th January 1952

Charlie Sinbad
19th February 2012, 15:37
Searching information on S/S Tai Kin Shan. My father was first mate on the ship when it was wrecked at the 25th of January 1952 in the Chinese sea. The British skipper didn't trust astronomical observations (all mates had such observations and promoted another course, they were all cleared in the sea-protest) and set a wrong course. They stranded on a reef but everybody survived as far as I know. The sea protest should be documented in Merchantile Marine Office in Hong Kong.

I tried to find some additional info on the internet but haven't found anything yet.

Someone who can help or know anything?

19th February 2012, 17:06
TAIKINSHAN id 1118365. Built 1903 by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson.Low Walker. as FOO SHING grt 2284. renamed 1946 TAIKINSHAN. wrecked 17.04N/111.28E/ 17/1/1952(Swatow-Singapore, with fruit and veg).

Charlie Sinbad
19th February 2012, 18:42
Wow! Such a fast and accurate answer! I'm impressed and deply thankful.