Medic / Hektoria

19th February 2012, 15:57
I am doing a bit of detective work on a White Star liner built to service England and Australia via South Africa. She was named Medic and had two sister ships. According to she was built in 1899 at Harland & Wolff. In 1928-29 she was converted into a floating factory for whaling. But my problem is that on the lardex page ( there are three photographs supposedly of the same ship. The first and second photo show the same ship, but the bottom one does not seem right. According to lardex she was only converted that one time in 28-29. But if the first two show her as a floating factory (she has a slipway aft) the bottom one, can not be of the same ship, unless Hektor took her whaling in 1928 before the conversions were completed. Either the photograph is wrong or the text.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

There are hyperlinks in the text below, but in my browser they are not underlined. Click on the words "here" and "This"...

Three photos here (

This ( is SS Medic.

This ( is Hektoria after final conversion in 1929.

And the bottom photo on this page ( shows her whaling in 1928 before final conversion?