19th February 2012, 21:36
The Albistan of 1948 was an odd one out in Strick's postwar fleet. According to some histories she was originally ordered from Shorts by the Australasian Co. but was taken over before the keel was laid. She had neither the size or style of the Aussie company, so presumably her design came from elesewhere. They might have taken an existing hull design and added a superstructure etc to Strick's spec, but if so, why does she look more like an enhanced warbuilt than any other Strick? She doesn't look anything like anything else Short's built either. Anyone happen to know anything about her?

20th February 2012, 14:26
Goto Old ship picture galleries a couple of photos of her there. Page 12

20th February 2012, 15:04
id 5008825. Built 1948 by Short Bros.Pallion. grt 5516. scrapped Hong Kong 2/7/1971.