Hugh Ferguson
23rd February 2012, 14:11
What can anyone make of this? Has this situation occurred elsewhere?

23rd February 2012, 14:28
I live near the Hudson River and I have noticed that tides seem to have been getting higher in the last few years. I have noticed that some places are often underwater at high water now that used to be dry land at all times. I suppose if that is happening here, then it stands to reason that it must be happening elsewhere as well.

Hugh Ferguson
23rd February 2012, 18:05
The letter, Klaatu83, refers to tidal predictions in local tide tables for the year, and not to actual sea levels worldwide. The question is, has a mistake amounting to 20cm. in prediction occurred or is there some other unexplained reason.

doug rowland
15th March 2012, 22:21
Is it "computer" error in prediction?!

21st March 2012, 20:17
I live on the west coast of Ireland and i can remember a high tide that covered the local pier about 10-15 years ago, Haven't seen ant high tide within half a meter of it since . . . . .

" tide waits for no man"

Frank Holleran
21st March 2012, 22:01
" tide waits for no man"

Seems the skipper on the Rena, took a change of course (short cut) to try and beat the ebbing tide so he could make it into Tauranga, the cost of waiting for next tide would have been around $6.000..estimated cost so far after running aground on reef. $130.000.000