Historic Warships - Birkenhead

22nd January 2006, 21:07
Looks like the home of HMS Plymouth, HMS Bronington (ex skipper HRH Prince of Wales), submarine HMSM Onyx and LCT 7074. The Trust is placing itself into voluntary liquidation. Seems that a developer wants to make a car park of the area. See them here before its too late

23rd January 2006, 11:13
More info here:

28th February 2006, 08:08
Would it not be possible to move them to the Merseyside Maratime Museum, it would be a great venue as the Port was the centre of Western approaches. (Applause)

28th February 2006, 19:28
There are talks currently being carried out with a possible benefactor. ( identity not revealed )

All is quiet at the moment however there is a possibility that the future may not be as dire as first thought.

Everybody keeping their fingers crossed

I will post any news I get.