Scanning photos

25th January 2006, 07:39
I am having a small problem,possibly due to the fact that I amnow a SENIOR CITIZEN with posting photos.Could anyone on board tell me if you can scan a slide successfully,if so how is it done.
Brian. (egg)

25th January 2006, 08:03
Hi beejay, the scanner you purchase has to be one that has a light source in the lid (cover) and a template to place on the glass top to position your slide in the right place for scanning. I have an 'Acer' scanner which can scan photos, slides and negatives. The light source in the lid shines through the slide, or negative, like a slide projector.
Regards...Bill Burton...Tassie

25th January 2006, 08:45
Hi beejay/tassie...
I too have an Acer scanner which can scan slides and it works very well despite it's age (bit like me..!!)
The important thing beejay to make sure that you generate jpg. files.... they're quite compact and user-friendly....
Just get your head into the usermanual and you'll be right mate...
Cheers cynter

25th January 2006, 09:12
Hi there Brian,

Some people have dedicated slide/neg scanners and some use a flatbed scanner with an adapter for slides/negs that is supplied with it. You are not likely to get a decent scan of a slide with a normal flatbed scanner unless the manual says otherwise.

If you tell us what type of scanner (make and model) you have and what software you use with it I may be able to provide more specific information.


25th January 2006, 10:51
Scanner with proper slide adapter (slide holder with internal light source) is the answer Brian.
Hewlett Packard scanners were among the first when I bought mine a few years back.
Regards Malcolm

26th January 2006, 07:06
Thanks everyone for your help, it has given me some food for thought.

Cheers Brian.

27th April 2007, 13:06
Hi Beejay,
I have an EPSON PERFECTION 2400 PHOTO, the results from scanning papers, photo`s, negatives and slides are very good, recommend, though I suppose by now their will be another version out.
Regards Freebee

Bruce Carson
27th April 2007, 15:04
Brian, I found a Canon Canoscan 8400F to be an really first class machine at a reasonable price. It really does does an excellent job on slides, although it's not a dedicated slide and film scanner.
Here's a review by PC Magazine:,1759,1712301,00.asp

It's amazing. Although a senior citizen, I sometimes manage to lift a withered, quaking, age spotted hand and occasionally am able to find the button to turn the damned thing on.
If I could find the SOB who coined the phrase "senior citizen", I'd throttle the B****** with these trembling extremities.

Bruce C

3rd May 2007, 16:34
I have used an Epson 4990 to great effect, it can be used in a totally automated fashion, or home use with a limited number of adjustments or in a 'professional' mode where you can tweak almost everything in sight !

It has a separate light source in the lid for scanning slides, thiose which use some sort of reflecting system cwill not give any where near as good a result.

This model has probably been replaced by now, I've had mine for a couple of years now.

Take a look at the Photo-i site (URL : for a lot of reviews and a well usedf forum sectionm.

Hope you find what you are looking for ....



3rd June 2008, 14:46
Having just bought said Epson V200, I set it all up (install CD and connect), and when attempting to scan, all I get (having placed slides in carrier, and closed lid) is the attached error message. It would be nice now and then to buy something that works first time. Any advice, please, Best Wishes, Raymond

3rd June 2008, 15:06
Solved it .... it is all matter of semantics ... not figured that "mat" could be above anything. After an avid read of the instructions, discovered that the document mat was in the lid and sits on top of the slide/photo. Removal of said mat, allows light to shine through the slide. All working fine and produces 15Mb pictures from a slide. I though I may as well leave the query here, in case there are any more like me !! Best Wishes, Raymond