Nautical Polluters And The EU

Doug H
26th January 2006, 04:05
SN Members, particularly those with tanker time may be interested in this article in today's "Australian" newspaper:,5942,17939329,00.html

Doug Rogers
26th January 2006, 05:39
Thanks very much OD for posting that...interesting!!.

26th January 2006, 07:13
I don't think the residents of Brittany would take too lightly to this article after suffering the terrible consequences of the Erika disaster.
I cannot speak for the prosecuting reaction of different EU countries but things were a bit different in France.
Erika's captain was detained but eventually released, the blame falling on charterers, Totalelf, and Erika's owners for the shocking condition of the ship.
The owners were traced to some obscure address in Italy and the funding for the rustbucket (surprise surprise) was the Bank of Scotland!
Dated 2000 url is an interesting insight into modern captaincy, by Erika's captain.
His comments on lack of radio officer are worth noting...
I wonder how many ex tanker-men have obliviously witnessed tank cleaning at sea in the old days? I certainly have...