26th January 2006, 19:02
The (former) White Star tender NOMADIC has been purchased by the Government of Northern Ireland and is to return to Belfast where she is to be restored to her 1912 condition and open to the public as an exhibition centre in the proposed Titanic Quarter property development. Well that is plan but as we used to say in Harland and Wolff "talk is cheap but it takes money to but drink" I think you all will know what I mean.

Mad Landsman
26th January 2006, 19:59
The Northern Ireland office purchased the Nomadic at Auction in France today for 171,320. The money apparently pledged by Belfast city & public subscription.
The estimated total cost of purchase, towing, restoration and setting for public viewing is 7m.
Belfast Harbour Commisioners have agreed to provide a berth but apart from that there are no further public funds available. It has been stated that if there is no progress within 18 months the vessel will be sold again 'to prevent further deterioration'

Website for the project is at


29th January 2006, 14:39
SS Nomadic built Harland & Wolff belfast (Yard No; 422) launched April 25 1911 Delivered on may 27th to White Star.Olympic left Liverpool 31st May 1911 and Nomadic was there. Titanic was launched on the same day.Nomadic had a sister ship Traffic, Traffic carried steerage paxs whereas Nomadic caried 1st & 2nd paxs. Nomadics interior was in keeping with her big liners, beautifully furnished.In 1927 White Star sold her to the French. In 1934 she was sold again. War came and she came to the UK and done some trooping. 1945 back to the French. When QE & QM did not tie up in France she ferried paxs out to the ships. 1968 up for sale and in 1974 opened up as a restaurant. In 2000 she was a sad site and needed a lot of repairs. In that year Northern Ireland became interested in her.