17th July 2004, 00:06
Former Swedish liner and one of many to bear the name photographed in 1989 about to pass under the Forth Bridges after anchoring for the day on a cruise.

2nd October 2004, 17:06
Now she is under Bahamas flag as SUPERSTAR ARIES of Star Cruises Shipping

david smith
2nd October 2004, 17:20
No she isn't.

This was the Kungsholm of 1953, 21,514tg. She became the Europa of Hapag Lloyd in 1965 (Ocean Ships 1974) I assume she met the breakers torch soon after 1974.

The Europa refered to is the more modern one built in 1981,37,012tg, renamed SuperStar Europa in 1999, and SuperStar Aries in 2000. Recently sold to Pullmantur Cruises - she is now to be the Holiday Dream.

3rd October 2004, 14:50
Yes a little mistake!!! the old twin Funnel EUROPA was sold in 1981 when the
new was buit. She become the COLUMBUS C. and for supplement, she sprang
a leak after striking,the Levante breakwater at Cadiz while entering harbour
on july 29-1984,after being blown off course by strong wind.
After being refloated on november 2 COLUMBUS C was sold to Spanish ship breakers for scrap.she was towed to Barcelona in april,1985 to be broken up

david smith
3rd October 2004, 15:32
Where do you get all your information from?
An additional point you missed though - the Captain smoked Rothmans!

3rd October 2004, 15:42
Dear David is the great fully love for merchant ships ,but i am lucky that i am not alone!!!!!