MV Kypros

jim barnes
27th January 2006, 11:24
Looking for a picture of the MV KYPROS reg 183765 LIVERPOOL memory failing on this one? did a run job on her duration 5 days. (Hippy) 14/02/75 to 19/02/75 according to my discharge book? (Thumb)

27th January 2006, 12:41
Ahoy Jim,

Is this the one your looking for?

jim barnes
27th January 2006, 14:18
Hello again RUUD, not suprised at the quick reply from you, thanks (Applause) was on her for a run job Liverpool to Esmere Port i think find it hard to remember her must have been uneventfull tend to forget the non events i think? can't remember,LOL (Thumb)