ROYAL SOVEREIGN 1948 - any images?

29th January 2006, 15:16
Hallo to everybody i am looking for any images of ROYAL SOVEREIGN 1948 than called AUTOCARRIER and than ISCHIA
Is still in service in gulf of Naples and the owner now is : MEDMAR
Please i am lookink for old photos
thanks and regards

29th January 2006, 15:21
Welcome aboard from Italy,i am sure that someone of the staff can help you!

29th January 2006, 15:32
See [url] excellent photo there, then go pictures of ships (R)

Bruce Carson
29th January 2006, 15:54
Seawolf, there are a couple of nice pictures on the Merchant Navy site:

and an overhead shot here:

There is a neat picture of the previous 'Royal Sovereign' at Tower Bridge in 1937 at the bottom of this page:

Bruce C.

29th January 2006, 15:56
Thread #3 & #4 both same site, small web !

29th January 2006, 16:48
some photo but a bit of history, that may help you?


Bruce Carson
29th January 2006, 16:58
Thread #3 & #4 both same site, small web !

I should have checked your site out before posting mine---they were both different URLs and I assumed that they were not the same site.
Two different doors to the same area.
Anyway, there are very few Denny built ships that don't warrant a second look. :-)

Bruce C.

30th January 2006, 13:40
until now thanks to everyboby
i will have more questions to ask
to the next