RMAS Confiance

30th January 2006, 19:52
Does anyone have a photo of RMAS Confiance? My dad used to serve on her, and would like a photo for his collection. Thank you in advance!! Andy (Thumb)

senior pilot
4th November 2007, 23:40
hi there
i was a bosun on the tug cairn in the early seventies when we were the p.a.s. i have a web album on picasaweb.google.co.uk type in port auxiliary tugs there is a picture that might be confiance alex

15th January 2008, 21:40
Hi Strawberry

I have some photos of CONFIANCE, if you email me via the link at www.sd-dev.demon.co.uk I will email thm back to you.

Brian Westmore

16th January 2008, 18:51
Thank you brian, I'll pass that on to my dad if you don't mind. He is Ex RMAS in Portland. Andy