Ellerman Wilson Line. ss “LIVORNO”

michael james
1st February 2006, 21:50
A friend of mine (without access to a pc) started his sea going career down the engine room of the Livorno in the late 1950`s – I have discovered that she was sold to Greek owners in 1967 and renamed Antonis. He would be very much obliged if any member can come up with any further information on her. MikeJ

2nd February 2006, 13:38
Hi Mike

LIVORNO O.N. 181285 2957g 1464n 343.2x50.0x21.0 feet

Built by William Gray & Co Ltd West Hartlepool ( Yard No. 1192)

Launched 28.8.46 Completed Dec 46.

5.2.55 Damaged in collision with Swedish m.v. Torsholm

13.10.55 Damaged in collision with M.T. British Trust

Aug 59 Blacklisted by Arab League foe trading with Israel

23.8.67 Sold to Margerencia Cia Nav. S.A. Greece and r/n Antonis

Aug 1971 Laid up in Genoa

Feb 1973 Arrived La Spezia for breaking up



michael james
2nd February 2006, 14:18
Nigel C, Thank you very much for this info, I will pass it on.
She had quite a interesting career it seems !
I am very much obliged to you. MikeJ

3rd February 2006, 19:34
just like to mention that I sailed as AB on the Livorno from Hull Oct 1955,
I had just got married on the 6th Oct. First the collision in fog in the Thames Estuary,then I broke my ankle leaving Tripoli, strapped up in Algiers.
We were supposed to be home for Christmas, but we were put to anchor off Lisbon until Boxing Day to save docking fees in London.
Pleased to say I am still married and we celebrated our Golden Wedding last October.

michael james
3rd February 2006, 23:20
tercar, 50 years and never a cross word ! Good reason to celebrate - well done both yourself and the Mrs.

My friend was on her later than you, 1961 (his first trip to sea) whilst she was "blacklisted" for trading to Haifa and Tel Aviv.
She was an oil burner in his time but remembers there being evidence of her possibly being a coal burner originally, ash shoots, stoke hold wing bunkers etc.

6th August 2006, 17:12
HI I sailed on the SS Livorno in April 1959 (AB) from Hull/
the Captains name was JW BOTHEROYD.I did 2 voyages on her.
down the (MED) sorry i dont rember a lot about the voyages.

12th January 2008, 09:11

My dad Fred Matthews sailed with Wilsons, he was a motorman.
His discharge book shows him in the Livorno in the 1950s

22nd January 2008, 13:01
My father Arnold Snell was the Bosun on the Livorno in the early fifties. He let me steer her up the Thames when I was a child. Well that is how I remember it!

24th October 2008, 13:45
I sailed on the Livorno in April 1960. I remember there was not much in Hull so I went down to London for a ship. I wasn't to keen on Wilson boats, they were all old and chatty, When I got to West India Dock they offered me the Livorno, it was one trip out and back and off. We went to Cyprus and Haifa.

21st May 2009, 20:37
My grandfather was an Engineer (before he became 2nd or 1st) on the Livorno in 1905 & 1906. This was obviously an earlier ship, but does anybody have a further information or a photo of her?


22nd May 2009, 14:46
Tony, Look in, www.photoship.co.uk I think you will find her there, Terry

26th May 2009, 20:32
Thanks Terry

I presume that it must have been the "Livorno-01" ?


27th May 2009, 09:32
I would say without a doubt it was Tony, I was on "Livorno 02" 1957 to 1959, and I believe there were only two of them,

14th July 2012, 15:49
I joined the Livorno right after leaving the Vindicatrix, this would be about 1966.
Joined her in Hull and went down to the Med. I was a Deck boy, still have great memories.