Ship Building

2nd February 2006, 15:57
Doe`s Anybody Have Any Information On Shipbuilding Or Ship Repair Work At Hartlypool North Yorkshire. I Once Visited Hartlypool And Seen The Slipways Were Ships Once Slid Down Any Info Would Be Greatful.

2nd February 2006, 23:02
Hi Steve,

I stayed at Hartlepool a few years back and they were doing a lot of refurbishment in the dock area. I dug out a few websites that might be of interest to you: - this is the Maritime Experience website. Don't know the place itself is worth a visit - these heritage centre places tend to suffer from being dumbed down.

HMS Trincomalee is at Hartlepool - see

This site gives a history of Hartlepool including some information about ships built there and the famous "monkey hanging" legend. In case you didn't know people from there are referred to as "monkey-hangers" - the site explains why.

This site also provides information about Harlepool with a greater focus on ships:

That should keep you quiet for a while! (LOL)