Another Maersk Inquiry

3rd February 2006, 08:05
Hi All;

I am hoping someone may be able to shed some light on the following vessel. Note the two photos I have seen of her are on another site.

The only information I presently have is as follows:

General cargo [possibly reefer]
M/S Arngrim, Copenhagen
built at Naskov Skibsvaert [1950s/60s?]

The funnel is pure Maersk complete with seven-point star so I suppose a lease here.

I would be interested in any and all information pertaining to this vessel, and I thank you in advance.


3rd February 2006, 10:01
ARNGRIM :Nakskow De. built 1956 ,4774g.t.438ft.X 26ft. owners Holms & Wonsild De.D/S -A/S "Myren".

3rd February 2006, 20:53
Hi Tanker;

Appreciate the information on the ship, and your quick response.

I think I have just opened up my usual [Murphy’s Law] “Can of Worms” on this ship. I looked up the company [Myren D/S] you gave me, and sure enough the M/S ARNGRIM was there together with a host of other vessels owned(?) by them. The more modern ships were ANGANTYR, ARNGRIM, ASBJORN, BOGATYR, CHR. SASS, GAUTATYR, and MARGIT. The images I have to view for these are quite small [450x?], but they all seem to have the same funnel, and seven point star. Since they are in Black & White it is hard to know the color of the funnel. I remember a retired Maersk seaman opened a Pub in Japan [I think Yokohama]. He called it Maersk Line Bar. There was no problem with the name, but AP Moller sued to have the seven point star removed from his venture, and won. I now have to wonder why this star seems to appear on most if not all the Myren D/S ships.

If anyone can shed some light on this it will be most appreciated.

Thanks again,

Dave Edge
3rd February 2006, 22:22
Holm & Wonsild's funnel colours were/are a blue star on white band on black funnel;Mollers have a white star on a blue band on black.

4th February 2006, 03:56
Thanks Dave;

Well that sure came to an end in a hurry. No Maersk connection at all? Still what few ships I have found listed for Myren D/S are quite interesting.