What do you know about the SS Naldera?

5th February 2006, 16:48
We have a painting on silk of the SS Naldera with Mt Fuji in the background and basically wanted to know a bit about the ship. Can anyone help?

5th February 2006, 17:07
The only Naldera I know of was a P.& O ship completed in 1914. Built By Caird of Greenock. If your painting depicts a ship with 3 funnels then that will be the one.In 1916 she did several London to Sydney voyages before being taken up as a troopship for war service. After WW1 she returned to the service she was built for UK-India. Scrapped i 1938 what she would be doing off Japan I do not know other than en route to Oz.She was the sister ship to Narkunda. Hope this helps

Bruce Carson
5th February 2006, 18:58
The 'Naldera' was built at Greenock by Caird & Co. for the P&O.
15,824GT, 580' x 67' (605' OA), 4exp, twin screw, 17 1/2 knots service speed.
425 1st, 245 2nd class.
She was begun in 1914 and not completed until 1920 because of the War.
Sister ship 'Narkunda'.
Laid up and scrapped at Bo'ness in 1938.


Bruce C.

5th February 2006, 19:00
NALDERA was built in 1918. She was under construction during the first world war but was not completed until 1918. She was 15,996 tons, the first three-funnelled steamship in the Company. She did not enter service until 1920 when she was joined by a new sister ship the NARKUNDA which was 16,227 tons. Also a three-funnelled ship, both NARKUNDA and NALDERA had very attractive lines, and their twin quadruple expansion engines were very reliable and quick acting that they could be manoeuvred more like tugs than ocean going liners. They served on the Australian line voyage. You will see these ships mentioned in my history of P&O. David

19th February 2006, 20:10
Many thanks for the information everyone. Do you reckon anyone is still alive who worked on the ship towards the end of its days? it would be good to hear about life on board. We were left the painting by a neighbour who worked on the ship.

20th February 2006, 22:29
You may find information of if you browse through a site of the Strath sisters which include crew all P&O ships going back many years. You may just be lucky?!. The site address is http://ozhoo.net.au/%7Estrathsisters/index.htm There is a long guest book entry of 14 pages. David