6th February 2006, 14:31
I am looking for photographs of the MV Saltersgate built 1976 by Appledore shipbuilders and owned by Turnbull Scott. I sailed on her for nearly a year and although highly unreliable and would roll on wet grass, I had a great time on her, so good in fact that I never had a photo. If anyone has one I would be most grateful.

6th February 2006, 14:42

Haven't you already asked this question on an earlier thread

I can see you got no picture though.


6th February 2006, 14:45
Yes I did, But I'm still hoping.

6th February 2006, 19:27
Bit of a poser this one, there was an older Saltergate, which was built with flight decks, but it might be worth emailing appledore them selves


Bob S
6th February 2006, 19:58
I have a photo of SALTERSGATE but I show her as a 1969 build, is that the one?

6th February 2006, 19:59
FOTOFLITE have a picture of a ship by this name, unfortunately there is no jpg to see if it is the one you are after. If you contact the address below or email. They will send you a small jpg to see if it is the ship you require.

Norfolk Drive, Leacon Road
Ashford, Kent, TN23 4FB

Tel: 01233 635556
Fax: 01233 635557

Sailed on the Skeldegate, 1,599grt. She would roll in dry dock. Had some terrible bouts of seasickness on her through the Bay of Biscay and up in the Black Sea in winter.

7th February 2006, 11:02
I don't think the saltersgate was built at appledore,the only . builds for turnbull scott in the yard was the southgate,sandgate,greenpark

7th February 2006, 15:25
Green Park was renamed Saltersgate in 1977, I have emailed appledore shipbuilders and await there reply. Thankyou for all your suggestions, much appreciated.