8th February 2006, 07:08
Can anyone help please. I am looking for info [+pix if possible] about a small ship that ran with the Matson Line, the ss Manoa (1913/6806grt).Latimer in his "passenger ships of the 20th century" that she was sold to the Russians in 1943 and r/n "Balhash".Emmons in his "pacific liners 1927-1972" seems to agree[p126], but neither of them can go on from there. There is no final result. What happened to her. The reason for this request is that I may have a pix of this ship. However as I am a retired person and am only new to the wonders of the net, it is frustrating for me to search for details, with the proverbial "hand tied behind the back" plus I dont have a scanner to post this pix. thanks for any help.

8th February 2006, 07:21

You've got some of this information already but it seems she was around for quite a while! Will keep loking for a picture.

=> http://www.usmm.net/matson.html

"MANOA, 6806 ton passenger steamer, built Newport News, Va., 1913 for Matson, sold 1942 to U.S. Maritime Commission. Delivered to Russians, renamed BALKASH. Lloyd's Register of Ships listed her through 1969." (Thumb)