Marr Trawlers

8th February 2006, 20:44
News In Today Hull Daily Mail And On Loacal T.v. News That Marr Trawlers Have Sold All The Last Trawlers Had Thay Had Wait For It An Icelandic Company Make The Heart Bleed When All The Trawlermen Went Trouhht To Try And Keep Then Selfs In A Job Sam :@

8th February 2006, 21:55
yea nice one sam ill voch for that all the hard work i gave that companie what thanks do you get

jim barnes
9th February 2006, 14:37
British merchant fleet now our fishing fleet once a great british tradition being at sea, not many vessels left to go on if your British, when will it end or has it already, Gt Britain the sinking ship (Ouch)

9th February 2006, 14:42
Nothing Andrew Marr could do would surprise me.

9th February 2006, 20:05
Ill go along with that lochluichart i used to carry out repairs for them sam