XSV Swift

Bob S
11th February 2006, 15:33
According to the Seawaves website, XSV SWIFT (X2) is due to visit Portsmouth, UK on the 13th February.

Alan Hill
13th February 2006, 01:32
Sea Waves website? Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

13th February 2006, 05:41
Sea Waves magazine - HSV 2 Swift is the 98 metre WPC Incat Hull 061 operating with the US Navy.


13th February 2006, 21:06
Saw her come in today, but as I left my camera at home, only managed to get a picture on my mobile. Very impressive craft

14th February 2006, 19:27
I think she was in Italy recently, punched a hole in her side.

14th February 2006, 19:37
She gets around a bit. Take it shes taken Condor 10's title of most travelled fast craft?

Bob S
15th February 2006, 10:18
Sea Waves website? Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

Hi Alan,

Seawaves gives a good insite to naval visits worldwide, by no means the full picture but very usefull. Site goes up and down at times (security pressure I assume) but they have always come back



Bob S
15th February 2006, 10:22
She came to Portsmouth to pick up supplies and naval personnel before heading for 6 weeks of exercise off Norway. I believe that HMS OCEAN also sailed the same day for the same exercise.