Manchester Liner at sea

david smith
21st July 2004, 11:14
Manchester liner at sea - but which one? (believed taken July 1979)

david smith
19th October 2004, 16:25
On better scanning I have Idetified this as the Manchester Concorde ('69 12040tg) on one of her last voyages before being sold and ranamed Char Lian (Panama) in 1982.

21st October 2005, 22:08
This was one of what we called the "Magic Boats" in Manchester Liners.

All four were identical and were named the Manchester Challenge, Concorde, Crusade and Courage. I sailed on the Courage and the Crusade.

Slightly later variants were the Manchester Renown and Reward which traded on a more world wide basis but I think this picture is one of the four Montreal ships. The memory is a bit faded but the Renown and Reward could have had black foremasts and as they spent a lot of thier life on charter did not have a cargo of Manchester Liners Boxes as regularly as the Magic Boats did.

David do you have a good quality copy of this picture?

Pat McCardle
21st October 2005, 22:40
What happened to Manchester Liners? This shipping Co. was going South(North to my Antipodean shipmates) when I 1st went to sea, 1977. I have sailed with a few ex M.L. men who have had a few different explanations. C.P. are back in FORCE, big style, & the route never ended? So who got it? (Read)

21st October 2005, 23:03
Manchester Liners, as part of the Furness Withy group of companies was purchased, as a group, by CY Tung in about '82 or thereabouts.

CY Tung then set about selling off much of the groups assets, including the ships, as he only really ever wanted the runs and not the hardware. I started to get moved around to other ships after this time until I gave up and went ashore for a couple of years in '87.

Manchester Liners continued for a couple of years in name only but eventually actually ceased trading. Pretty amazing when the company won the Queens Award for Industry for exports in '73 and '76.

Manchester Liners head office, Manchester Liners House became Furness House and has now changed its name again as no part of the Furness Withy group is left.

When I joined Manchester Liners in '75 the whole Furness Withy group of companies owned nearly two hundred ships. When I went ashore in '87 they could lay claim to about 4.

Interestingly enough the personnel dept of Furness Withy went out on thier own and became Celtic Marine, which I think still exists as a manning agency.

Pat McCardle
22nd October 2005, 08:01
Thanks for that BB. Celtic Marine are still about I believe, operating as a manning agency.

3rd February 2008, 04:30
I sailed on Manchester Crusade as D/Cadet in 1981 on the Montreal service before we laid her up on the Blackwater river (Near Colchester). Old man was "Doggsy" Smith who was on his retirement trip - the one where we picked up 4 "VIKINGS" from a long boat adrift on the grand banks.
Joined the Tung group after I got my ticket and I am Master there now. Manchester house is still within the tung group although the headquarters is at Levington Suffolk. Glasgow office is still going as well. Some of the personnel dept (Ian Sherwood) now runs "Delta Marine" a manning agency based at Chelmsford.
The run exists and we still compete against Canmar who were bought out by Hapag lloyd last year. Presently we have two ice class ships on the montreal
service OOCL MOntreal and OOCL Belgium. I have been Master of both.

17th December 2008, 22:27
I have an original Manchester Challenge helicopter picture in frame showing her as a bul carrier prior to the refit for container transportation into Montreal from the UK.

15th September 2009, 12:47
I sailed on the Manchester Concorde from 20/03/80 until 01/07/81 as junior catering rating used to enjoy the Montreal trips was great for me sailing up the Mersey as from Liverpool originally got to go home when we docked.

22nd September 2012, 11:30
I sailed on the Manchester City for two trips in 1961 to great lakes.
Anyone on her then?
Tony Parsons