which Turakina

12th February 2006, 18:19
bosunjohnboy was relating the time the Tuarakina came in to Aukland after a typhoon I thought I knew some of the crew on her at that time but after looking again at the post it's at least 10 years after the time I'm talking about1963/4 was there another ship or was it the same one ?I was on the MANZ run did they call the up east run the crusader run?

Bruce Carson
12th February 2006, 19:19
Looks like it's probably the same ship as she was built in 1960---


Bruce C.

12th February 2006, 20:35
Some would say the "company yacht"!

13th February 2006, 01:21
She's the "Turakina" I remember from the 60s, nice four-hatch job - built for the Crusader partnership, was she not? She looked a hell of a lot better in her NZS livery - it's quite remarkable how a colour scheme can change good looks?!


Tom Haywood
13th February 2006, 01:56
Dox. As said by those who couldn't get a berth on her, during my years with NZSCo never laid eyes on her.

13th February 2006, 19:19
HI Guys, The Company yacht ,Turakina,was a four hatch job I did the maiden voyage on her . Joined her in the builders ,Bartrems and sons Sunderland , I paid off in Lyttleton NZ, and Joined the Hauraki for home via the Horn and Montividao ,to do my EDH ticket and get my AB stamp ,
Regards ,Peter.
PS ,She had Magregor Hatches ,no wedges or tarps. Modern times.

13th February 2006, 19:29
I never had the pleasure of a berth on her. Saw her plenty, on the Crusader run after the revolution and they put me on Zira -maiden voyage, nice ships though the two Z class, thence to become Vendee and Voges.