15th February 2006, 17:23
Can anyone please give me any information on a coaster called "Cragsman" bu
ilt in 1924 at aberdeen, she may have had her name changed to Bann Rose

Bruce Carson
15th February 2006, 20:50
Hi Leggoaft,
I believe she was built in 1924 by Bow, McLachlan & Co., Paisley, rather than in Aberdeen, as the 'Cromarty Firth' for the Firth Shipping Co. Ltd., Glasgow (G. T. Gillie Ltd.).
To J. Kennedy & Sons Ltd., Glasgow and renamed 'Cragsman' in 1935.
In 1951 was bought by William Coe & Co. Ltd. and became the 'Bannrose'.
Broken up at Preston, 1953.
377GT, 136 'x 24', single screw, 3exp.

There are photos of her as the 'Bannrose' at the following websites:

Bruce C.