Standard 85ft VIC Admiralty (puffer)

16th February 2006, 14:39
Does anyone have any photos, full or detail, of any of these, see my posting earlier of VICTUAL for type.
Thanks, Jim

16th February 2006, 20:08
Try this site for some good pics



17th February 2006, 16:14
VIC links.

19th February 2006, 19:27
Eilean Eisdale is at Inverary pier and has funnel behind the wheelhouse whilst a boat of similar style and shape has funnel in front of wheelhouse and is in Crinan sea loch basin(or the other way round!)
What sort of photographs and what detail were you looking for?

21st February 2006, 10:14
It is the larger 85ft semi hard chine boats I am interested in, not the 65ft VIC class.

scooby do
6th March 2006, 12:05
in 1968 as an i8 year old apprentice marine fitter in milford haven we converted the vic 80 from steam to diesel. we installed 2 rolls royce engines and an m.w.m. twin box. the yard i worked in had a contract to supply fuel and drinking water to an oil rig, in the irish sea. on her first trip out the weather was bad 40 ft swell in a force 9 , they told me i was going as the engineer. it was an interesting trip the log would read....1.. collided with drilling.rig at mid day... 2.. drilling rig went to to boat stations because of impact .. 3 parted all ropes during fuel transfer lost 200 gallons fuel oil into irish sea.. 3 collided with rig again... 4 parted ropes again... 5,, on return trip. both engines fail, apprentice fitter [thats me] makes radio call to foreman marine fitter and shouts over the air waves ..f..k.. thing just stopped what shall i do i'm scared.. that was thirty years ago but still remembered by all who heard it. the engines restarted and we cotinued to pembroke wet dock then collided with dock wall..that was her first trip as an off!!! shore victuling craft. vic 80 was renamed GUILLIMOT in 1969 and worked the west wales coast for year after. i'll never forget her. i think she was sold for scrap 5 years ago so sad realy.