One For The Kiwi's

19th February 2006, 22:24
Can anyone name the coaster taken in Duneden I think it was one of the fleet named after weather conditions "Breeze" et'c

20th February 2006, 00:44
MV Holmdale

20th February 2006, 00:50
look at has plenty of info re Holmdale and site belongs to one of our SN Ship Mates

20th February 2006, 09:01
Photo is Holmdale.
Ships with weather names were those of Canterbury Steam Shipping Company, who during their time (1904-1969) along with other vessels, had Storm (2), Gale (2), Breeze (2), Squall (2) and Gale (3).

20th February 2006, 09:10
thanks for the info lads ,was one of the Canterbury ships lost whith all hands I seem to remember seeing a TV report on it

20th February 2006, 09:30
You are possibly thinking of Holm & Co vessel "Holmglen" (485 grt, blt 1955 Holland). Foundered with loss of crew (15) 24/11/1959, approx 22 miles SE of Timaru, on voyage Oamaru to Wellington.