Peter Eccleson
21st February 2006, 11:26
Does anyone have any info on a steamer called 'Ravenspoint'? Built about early 1900's I think. No other info.

21st February 2006, 23:55
Hi Just to show she existed:

140597 RAVENSPOINT 1918

Some artist must have travelled on her as there are several references to paintings of views FROM her:


Mentioned in convoys:
Info on her:

Code letters: JVMH Official Number: 140597
Master: Captain W.H. Lawton, appointed to the vessel in 1918
Rigging: steel single screw Schooner; 1 steel deck & steel Shelter Deck; cargo battens not fitted
in shelter 'tween decks; 1 collision bulkhead to Shelter Deck & 3 bulkheads to Upper Deck;
fitted with electric light & wireless; cellular double bottom 216 feet long, 399 tons;
Forward Peak Tank 63 tons; Aft Peak Tank 18 tons
Tonnage: 2,427 tons gross, 2,319 under deck and 1,506 net
Dimensions: 265.3 feet long, 41.2 foot beam and holds 26.6 feet deep
Construction: 1918, H. & W. Grayson Ltd. in Garston
Propulsion: triple expansion engine with 3 cylinders of 21, 34 & 56 inches diameter respectively;
stroke 36 inches; operating at 180 p.s.i.; 262 nominal horsepower; 2 single ended boilers;
6 corrugated furnaces; grate surface 126 sq. ft.; heating surface 4,840 sq. ft.; engine by
Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. Ltd. in Middlesbrough
Owners: Sir John Esplen, K.B.E.
Port of registry: Liverpool
Port of survey: Liverpool


Peter Eccleson
22nd February 2006, 14:16
Tugboat....thanks for the info.
I have wondered about her since I first saw a model of her in a glass case about 1966 in Holyhead Sea cadets hut! Sounds corny but it was the 'mystique' about that model that gave me the urge to go to sea!

Thanks again.

Baltic Wal
22nd February 2006, 18:48
how about:

RAVENS POINT of Liverpool
British Dry Cargo
MacAndrews & Co. from 1923 to 1956
Technical data:
Built by H. & C. Grayson Ltd., Garston (Yard No. 102) September 1918
Engine information:
1 Steam T3Cyl 262 Nhp by Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough Speed 10.0 knots

Original dimensions:
265.30 x 41.20 x 26.60
1,787 Grt 974 Net 3,207 Dwt
All dimensions are in Imperial
9.1918 Completed as RAVENSPOINT for William Esplen & Sons, Liverpool.
1918: Transferred to Sir John Esplen, K.B.E., Liverpool.
1919: Sold to Atlantic & Eastern Steamship Co. Ltd., Liverpool (J. Glynn & Son Ltd., Liverpool.
1923: Sold to MacAndrews & Co. Ltd., Liverpool.
5.9.1942: Arrived at Gibraltar on passage from Seville to Glasgow
with 1,000 cartons cork, 500t tartrate & tartaric acid, 425t skins and 25t wolfram.
15.9.1942: Damaged under No. 2 and 3 holds and bunkers by Limpet mine 7 cables WNW North Mole.
Settled on sea bed, no casualties.
27.12.1942: Sailed from Gibraltar after repairs.
3.1956: Sold to Thomas Leitch (Shipping) Ltd., London; renamed ELESPOINT.
1959: Sold to Italian shipbreakers.

22nd February 2006, 21:02
I'll see if it's still there, if so I'll try and get a piccy of it to post.

Peter Eccleson
23rd February 2006, 09:31
Thanks everyone for the info...... great to be able to close down something that has been way back in the memory banks for years!