HMS Plymouth

21st February 2006, 22:48
I showed the site to a guy at work who was at sea for a time. He was asking if there were any details of HMS Plymouth on the site but we couldn't find any.
So I am sure there will be someone out there who has a piccy or some story about the ship.
I only came across her in 1970 when she was on the Rhodesia blockade. I was on the Border Reiver at the time.
Apparently a few months before I joined the Border Reiver, HMS Plymouth had taken someone off who was in a bad way. I don't have any more's throwing it open

Best Wishes
steve Mills

21st February 2006, 23:15
Hi Steve,

I don't know if there were more than one HMS Plymouth so I presume you mean the one that served in the Falklands.

There is one picture in the SN Gallery at :

You can also find some information here:

Here is a colleagues and comrades site you might want to check out:

If you do a Google search using "HMS Plymouth" you will get literally hundreds of hits which should keep you amused for the next month or so. (LOL)



23rd February 2006, 16:31
hi Benjydog.

thanks for this info. I am actually with the guy, Paul Venables, who was on the Plymouth (F126) in 1976. he was radio/ electrical engineer at the time.
Sad git he is now in the Fire Service with me! (still sitting on his back-side doing nothing...his words not mine)

I am sure he will use the website links you have sent but if anyone else has any contributions..... feel free.

All the best
Steve Mills