Laker Loss

Bruce Carson
23rd February 2006, 20:48
There have been postings on the 'Windoc' loss on this site before, but, by accident, I found an online video of her hitting the bridge that has to be seen to be believed. The video starts automatically:

For those not familiar with the accident, here's Boatnerd's summary.

Bruce C.

23rd February 2006, 22:06
Bruce it was the other way round
The bridge hit the ship.
Great ending for that miserable boat.
No life lost but Kenny Strong had a close shave (he was the captain)

Bruce Carson
23rd February 2006, 22:15
Point taken, Lakercapt, you can see the bridge descending in the video. She did go out with a bang.

Bruce C.

23rd February 2006, 22:55
awesome video shot. couldnt believe what i was seeing. thank you for posting that

23rd February 2006, 23:19
Thankyou for posting that, it was a great piece of footage, very spectacular.

24th February 2006, 14:13
I read that the helmsman would not leave the wheel and that he hit the pilothouse deck ,that must have been very close seeing as the pilothouse and stack got it

24th February 2006, 22:37
The third mate and the Captain took off when they say the bridge stating to decend but for some reason the wheelsman was slow of his mark and was inches away from being crushed.
The inquiry was something else and the bridge tender was husstled off to hospital before the press could talk to him.
Course the Seawy denied all responsibility!!

24th February 2006, 23:54
A truly awesome film. And I use this word in its correct meaning - not as misused by our US cousins who would use it to describe a new flavour of ice cream(*))


25th February 2006, 00:14
(Benjidog lights blue touchpaper and stands back!!)

tom nicholson
25th February 2006, 15:53
an amazing video as usual no one to blame it just happened fortunately no loss of life but a lucky escape for the crew.
cheers tom (*))