Bloemfontein Castle

david smith
3rd August 2004, 17:21
image deleted

Juan de Basagoiti
2nd November 2008, 10:02
Hi, David, Here's a shot in the dark.............I, along with my parents and siblings were passengers on this ship, returning from a spell in Southern Rhodesia, as it was then, in the late '40's. I've turned over what photos that remain from our worldly travels but none remain of this period. We boarded at Beira for the UK. I remember the trip mainly for the stink raised by the props at Walvis Bay!!!!! Rotting fish from the Pilchard Cannery, it was enough to make you vomit! Ahhh! happy days! That was my first experience of sea-faring........little did I know then that I would spend a few years afloat.Never did 'call for Huey' after that experience! All the best, Juan