Clans of 1948

25th February 2006, 23:01
I am looking for information on the final fate of the following 1948-build ships:
Clan Macleod, sold 1976 and renamed Papaji.
Clan Maclay, sold 1976 as Climax Amethyst.
Clan Maclean, sold 1976 as Sentosa Island.

Any clues?

Jim S
26th February 2006, 15:08
Clan Macleod - 6 cylinder Doxford engined motorship, (sister ship to Clans Maclaren, Maclachlan, Maclean, Maclennan, Macleod, and Maclay) Broken up Gadani Beach 1978.
Clan Maclay - In 1978 renamed Angelos for loaded voyage to Singapore then on to Kaohsiung where scrapped in 1979.
Clan Maclean - Broken up Kaohsiung 1979.--

On Oct 29 1952 on leaving Calcutta a swarm of bees settled on port anchor hawse. - They stayed there until Coconada where they flew off.
On July 29 1956 Rescued crew of sail training ship Moyano 20 miles off Lizard.

27th February 2006, 07:18
thanks Jim S! (Thumb)

alexander dodds
18th March 2006, 01:56
Would you have any information as to where I could purchase a picture/poster of Clan McTavish

18th March 2006, 08:29
Alexander. Click gallery, go down past pictures to the blue line. On right type Clan Mactavish, click go. Two pics there. You are welcome to down load mine.
Barney. Danube4.

Jim S
18th March 2006, 17:19
I made an error in name of my photo of Clan Mactavish - it is probably Clan Malcolm.

Jim S

18th March 2006, 20:59
There are lots of info and photos of clan ships on the Clydebuily ships database. I think the address of the website is;


Norman Trewren
18th March 2006, 21:37
Jim - didn't that that STS Moyana belong to Warsash School of Navigation?


Jim MacIntyre
20th March 2006, 17:10
The 'Moyana' did belong to the Warsash School of Navigation.
As I recall she had just completed the Torbay/Lisbon sailing race (may even have won it) manned by cadets from the school and foundered on the return voyage.
There was an oil painting depicting the rescue displayed at the school when I was there.
She was replaced by 'Halcyon'
Jim Mac

Norman Trewren
23rd March 2006, 21:20
Remember the painting well. Used to hang in the Ante room as I recall?