Empire Chlorine

26th February 2006, 19:43
Has anyone ever come across this little ship?
She was 300 ton,with 2 tanks built in Germany during the war.
We used to sail up the Rhine to Duisberg, load Chlorine, then take it to Hull, Saltend. It took 3 days to go up the Rhine, tie up every night, 24 hours to come down.
Crew of 7 I seem to remember.4 of us on deck doing 5on 5off and dog watches.

Hugh MacLean
26th February 2006, 20:04
1939 TRAVE, Lubeck-Wyberger Damps Gesellschaft, Lubeck.
1945 Seized by Allies at Flensburg, converted from cargo to liquid chlorine carrier..
1953 TRAVE, Lubeck-Wyberger Damps Gesellschaft, Lubeck.
1954 HYBO, A/S Klorsalg, Norway.
1954 HYBORG, same owner.
1954 UNIKLOR, same owner.
1978 FRISNES, F.Skeie, Norway.

Still in service as the MILJOTANK (2005)
Full details and pictures at this site:



27th February 2006, 12:17
Hello Hugh,
Many thanks for the reply and information.
I never thought to see that little beauty again, even though she woud roll in a wet dish cloth.
Thanks again

12th September 2006, 19:34
Hi Empire Chlorine built 1939 grt 302 ex Trave 1952 ren. Hybo 1954 ren. Uniklor 1954 ren. Frishis 1979--1963 ren. Hinnatank 1989 built at Kremer Son Elmshorn.Still in service after 60 years,