one for the tugmen

28th February 2006, 07:38
In the early 60,s I went on board a tug called Hercules at Gib,the ''main engines''as I remember were 8 Deutz diesels,4 on either side of the prop shaft
driving through V belts directly onto the shaft,whats puzzled me all these years,is,how did they replace a broken V belt?? particularly the one nearest
the stern,I think she had a variable speed prop. (EEK)

4th March 2006, 07:08
Honest guys,this is not a trick question,

5th March 2006, 20:07
Also a visitor to Hercules, Norwegian Flag ?, seem to recollect this huge tug being in immaculate condition, mind you they lay in harbour for long spells, only went up topsides so can not comment on your engine room query.

5th March 2006, 20:48
thay used to put spear ones on the shaft and tie then boff just in case one of the v belts parted and then just slip one of the spears back on to the drive pulley sam

6th March 2006, 02:21
Cheers Sam,I didnt notice any spares,but I reckon thats a logical explanation.
Be a bit of a ''bugger'' if they had to replace belts in a heavy sea,with a tow. (Applause)

6th March 2006, 02:24
Yeah..she was Norwegian flagged.

6th March 2006, 12:44
HI WAKAMAN i had the same set up on one of the ships i used to own it was easy to do if you were fast ours was conneted to a shaft gen and a ballest tank pump.i had also seen it on some of the tugs we worked on sam