WWII Liberty s.s. Noah Brown

28th February 2006, 13:35
Hi all

Does anybody have any details on the s.s. Noah Brown Hull No 2481 built in 1944. She was sold private in 1947 and srapped in 1969.

Apart from that "I know nothing"



Hugh MacLean
28th February 2006, 13:50
Hi Nigel,

A little info for you.

1944 WSA (Seas Shipping Co, NY)
1946 WSA (T.J.Stevenson & Co, NY)
1947 Bulk Carriers Corp.NY.- US flag.
1949 HENRY STEVENSON, same owners.
1955 ALDERSHOT, Aldershot SS Corp.- Liberian flag (Ocean Freighting & Brokerage Corp, NY)
1960 KAROLINA, Regina SS Corp.- Greek flag (same managers)
1963 VRONTADOS PIONEER, Adriatic Maritime Co.- Liberian flag (Pacific SS Agency, NY)
1966 Cosmic Freighters Ltd.- Liberian flag (same managers)
1969 Scrapped Gandia, Spain.


28th February 2006, 14:28
Thanks Hugh

These little loose ends annoy me - now that ones put to bed.

Just as a matter of interest where did you find the info?

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Hugh MacLean
28th February 2006, 14:56
Hi Nigel,


A very handy website for WWII.

Go bring another out of bed and see if we can fix it'

Also took part in convoy's HX309, HX300, HX321


28th February 2006, 16:17
Hi Hugh

This one is not a liberty, it was a C1-M-AV1 type. The Marline Hitch built in 1945 and became the Methane Pioneer about 1958. Anything extra you can fill in?


Hugh MacLean
28th February 2006, 17:26
Hi Nigel,

On this site here:



28th February 2006, 17:41
Hi Hugh

Still missing what happened to between being sold in 1946 and 1958ish when became Methane Pioneer?


Hugh MacLean
28th February 2006, 18:29
Hi Nigel,

Sorry not much more I can add except that she may have been renamed NORMARTI ( 1945 ).


1st March 2006, 11:11
Tks Hugh

I will continue with my quest


Bruce Carson
1st March 2006, 14:29
Here are a few more details that may help: Built by Walter Butler Shipbuilders, Inc. Duluth, Minnesota and completed in July, 1945 as the 'Marline Hitch' a C1-M-AV1 for the US Maritime Commision. Official # 248358, 3,805GT (2,123Net) , 323.75' x 50', single screw.
To the Compania Naveira Independencia SA, Panama as the 'Don Aurelio' in 1946.
She became the Liberian 'Normarti' of the Normarti Shipping Co., Monrovia in 1951, 4,099GT.
In 1958 the 'British Methane', owned by British Methane Ltd., Stephenson Clark, Ltd. managers: liquified natural gas carrier 5,058GT.
To Antartic Gas, Inc., Panama in 1967 and renamed 'Aristotle'.
Converted at Philadelphia in 1977 to become a floating LPG storage facility at Receife.
She may still be fullfilling that purpose.

Bruce C.

1st March 2006, 15:02
Hi Hugh

Still missing what happened to between being sold in 1946 and 1958ish when became Methane Pioneer?

NigelCAhoy Nigel,
Methane Pioneer 1945
Built as:
Marline Hitch-46
Don Aurelio-51
Call/Flag Sign:GBHU
Owners:British Methane Ltd.
Managers:Stephenson Clarke Ltd.
LOA x B x D:338'9"x50'4"x23'6"
Eng:Oil Eng 2SA 6Cy 21"x29"
Builder:Nordberg Mfg. Co. Milwaukee

According Lloyds Register

1st March 2006, 17:54
Hugh, Bruce & Ruud

Thanks very much

Your all stars


9th February 2007, 20:14
I don't have anything on the ship, but my father-in-law, Lt.Zalph Rochelle, USNavy ( home: High Point NC USA) served as Comanding Officer in WWII. He occasionally talked about his great crew, the convoys, and mistakenly firing on Mt Vesuvius in 1944 when it errupted after the allies landed.

I would like to know more about thr Noah Brown and a ship S.S. John Moffits.



10th February 2007, 15:23
Hi Larry

I'm afraid I don't have a lot more on the s.s. Noah Brown over and above what is already in this thread. In 1958 she was purchased by British Methane Ltd and was converted the one of the first experimental Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carriers (that's gas in British not American terminology) and was one of the forerunners of the many LNG carriers that ply their trade today.

I assume they used this old wartime built vessel because it was a cheap hull to use for an experimental vessel rather that spending a load of Dollars on something the might not work.

Have attached a picture as the Methane Pioneer and my apologies for the quality as I could get all the picture onto my scanner at one go. Needs to be tidied up a bit.

I'm afraid I do not have any info on the other vessel and would suggest you start a thread yourselve to try and find out more details.



12th February 2007, 20:35
Suggest you contact Joan Burke at www.Project Liberty Ship- these persons run the John Brown and have aboard a complete record of all liberty ships with cross reference by hull number/name.The email address is:
Best wishes
Arthur Harvey

13th February 2007, 09:14
Hi Arthur

Thanks for the liberty address, a new one on me, I'll have to add it to my "favorites"

ths again



Andy Stevenson
15th March 2008, 02:28
Hi - saw your message about a vessel once known as the Henry Stevenson.
It was named after my great grandfather, and was owned by T.J. Stevenson and Co, a company that purchased liberty ships after WW2 and operated a liner service to Med while Europe was being rebuilt.

Please send me a PM, if you want me to try to dig up more info from my father, who is now 86.