Wild Gannet

3rd March 2006, 16:30
Anybody knows the whereabouts of Wild Gannet. She was last reported sailing as the Vergina Reefer.

Peter Fielding
3rd March 2006, 16:43
Don't know, but would be interested - I was 3/E on her from April to September 1978. What's your interest in her, Aristo?

3rd March 2006, 16:59

Yep, like to know also, your interests, as so far you've only posted, the whereabouts,final fates and asking details of many vessels?
Have you in mind publishing a new book?(Scribe)

25th March 2006, 14:55
Good thinking rudd! but I am afraid that I don't have they necessary time and resources. As for your question, I just hate to have the story of a ship and to miss her final fate. I feel like reading a book that has its last pages torn off.

26th March 2006, 10:27
She went to the breakers in 2002 as Vergina.

26th March 2006, 12:54
Thanks Tonyd!