Australia - Orwell - Trojan STARs

5th March 2006, 15:37
I seek information on the final fate of these three BSL ships:
Australia Star of 1965 which was last reported as sold in 1984 under the named Candy Ace.
Orwell Star, a small coaster operated in 1965-68 and then sold as Booker Trader.
Trojan Star, operated in 1976-80 and then sold as Chios Clipper. which is otherwhise excellent fails to mention their demise.
Any clues?

16th May 2006, 05:10
Hi Aristo, just came across your post.
As far as I can determine the Australia Star II was scrapped in China April 1985.
The little Orwell/OrwellStar/GuyTrader, I can find no trace. If afloat she would be almost 50yo, and even by the 'local ' standards of shipping in that part of the world, that is a long time sailing!!
Trojan Star II/ChiosClipper at 35yo is unlikley to be around. Can't find any record, although her sister..Tuscan Star which was renamed Chios Pride at around the same time also is u/k. The present day.. ..ChiosPride is a totally different ship.
David D.

16th May 2006, 08:20
Thanks for your info David!

6th October 2014, 03:48
Trojan Star- did a one off banana run Sheerness to Jamaica and back in 1977 before going back to Shields for 3rd phase. She carried three third engineers, such was the reliability. Awful ship. Scavenge fires daily, regularly came back minus a few legs, was a pig to bunker and rolled like a bastard no matter the weather. One guy killed in an engine room fire the trip after I left. Dangerous ship when bunkering and that is what caused the blaze - trying to share a BA set in a CO2 filled ER I believe is what killed the engineer.

6th October 2014, 10:15
ORWELL? AUSTRALIA STAR b/u Chittagong 29.04.01