weather ship starella photos wanted

6th March 2006, 17:41
any pics of the starella when she was a weather ship.

belonged to j,marrs, Hull 1980s

please help with photo very urgent thnks don

6th March 2006, 17:48
Article at

May give you leads ...

Full details and pictures at

Best Wishes

Hugh MacLean
6th March 2006, 17:59
Hi Don,

Nice pic of her as Arctic Rebel in link above spoilt by a great big copyright mark, I suppose they would like you to purchase it.


6th March 2006, 18:36

Here another one, same conditions as mentioned above.....$$$

6th March 2006, 19:27
hi rudd and everybody
thnks for replys but thats not the right starella, that was a fishing trawler but its not the starella dr bollard sailed on it was a converted stern dragger trawler. converted into a state of the art ship. named starella.
but i dont know what the name of the trawler was. it was not the arctic rebel . hope some 1 can help thnks. don

9th March 2006, 13:00

The Starella you are looking for was a German, French or similar Stern Trawler. I don't have a picture but I can get you a list of her previous names when I get home.



P.S. She was never really 'state of the art' lol !

9th March 2006, 13:43

"Starella built 1965 bought 1979 sold 1989"
I'm sure this is the boat you want but can't yet find what she was and where she went.
Lots of references to work she did but no photos.
Will keep looking.

9th March 2006, 20:24
Some Starella Info'....sorry no pics

Starella ex Subsea2 ex San Simone Secondo ex Genepesca IXO-69

Built 1965 Venice 1161 GRT 408 Net. L,b,d = 73.00m; 11.03; 4.62

Submersible mother ship- acquired by Marr 17.4.79 Sold 10.2.89 to New Holland Shipyard Ltd for scrap



20th February 2011, 12:54
Hi Don,

I've been sailing on the Dutch weather ship Cumulus, and have a photo of the weather ship Starella taken from the Cumulus.

The Cumulus was sold to the UK in 1985.
I'd like to hear if anyone knows more about the "English period" of the Cumulus since 1986.

Kind regards, Ate.